Quarry "End Reed" - Kovacevic, located on the road Paracin - Zajecar, near the village Klačevica, namely the southeast of the village of Lower Mutnica. The deposit extends on the south side of the hill "End Rid" which belongs to the north-west slopes of the mountain Samanjac. Transport links are very favorable. From the quarry gravel road runs the length of 5 km to the main road Paracin - Zajecar. Reliance quality works is the production of Kaman and aggregates, which is controlled by the Institute for roads from Belgrade and its own laboratories. We produce crushed stone grits: 0-63mm, 0-100mm, 0-31,5mm, 31.5-63mm, 0-4mm, 4-8mm, 8-16mm, 16-31.5mm. Building stone has multiplied the application. The biggest application is in izgradbnji lower supporting layers of pavement.